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The Grüner Business Group has been a high-performance processor and system supplier for customers in the automotive industry for more than 40 years. The quality of the components, the high productivity and flexibility and the resulting high competitiveness are achieved by the fact that both the machining centres and all operating equipment are in-house developed and manufactured. Here, Grüner always relies on innovative technologies and well-trained, committed employees.


The range of services offered by the Grüner Business Group is divided into four business units. The roots of the company lie in mechanical and plant engineering as well as in the construction of tools and fixtures. The machines and equipment required for the production process are designed, developed and manufactured in-house exclusively for the company‘s own use.

With its business unit, Automation Technology the Grüner Business Group responds to increasing customer demands regarding maximum cost efficiency and highest component quality.

The above-mentioned business units are incorporated in the main business area, which is the production of parts for the automotive industry. Grüner processes aluminum and magnesium castings using specially developed machining centres and the company‘s own tool and fixture construction. As a system supplier, Grüner delivers these castings to OEMs and tier 1 suppliers fully machined and assembled to meet the customer’s requirements.

Grüner Systemtechnik
Grüner Systemtechnik Werk Ulm
Grüner Systemtechnik
Grüner Systemtechnik Werk Ulm
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As a system supplier, Grüner buys castings on the market on a project-by-project basis and delivers the fully machined and, if necessary, assembled component to the customer. The entire process chain is the company‘s core competence and is mapped out with its own know-how – from development and design to the finished component. The specially developed machining centre solution with multi-spindle head machining is highly flexible and productive. Newly developed additional magazines for the machining tools enable extremely fast changeover (one-piece flow). The flexible design of the mechanical processing and all subsequent processes enables the production of a wide variety of products with a wide range of variants. Due to this specific design of the manufacturing and testing processes, the Grüner Business Group is the benchmark for the machining of aluminum and magnesium castings.

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